About item South

About item South

Item South is part of Item America LLC’s wide-ranged distribution network. Item America LLC., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the developer and producer of the famous German item MB Building Kit System. Established in 1976 in Solingen, Germany, Item’s reputation has been built on quick delivery times, massive stock holding, excellent quality, dedicated engineering support, and of course, unsurpassed product quality – making our company a distinct choice for machine builders and end users alike.


At Item South we believe your ideas are worth it. For us, that means living up to the high quality standards Item has set for their products and services worldwide. Item South will work with customers to use item components to develop, design and build their ideas wherever it may take them. Our task is to deliver maximum availability at a good value and to provide extensive customer service. It will always be important to us to maintain an active dialogue with our customers.

We also recognize Item is more than just extruded aluminum profiles. If you are a manufacturer who regularly relies on welded, painted steel for a variety of applications, Item will introduce you to countless new solutions using aluminum extrusions. Item South can show you how to use extruded aluminum profiles to create heavy-duty structures, sub-structures, machine bases, guards, frames, industrial workbenches, or custom specialty enclosures that can replace welded, painted steel. Item South can also provide you with quality wire mesh fence for your projects.

Item South, evolved from the industrial automation world, can help you to use Item’s slotted aluminum extrusions to solve linear motion applications. Item’s superior aluminum profile tolerances allow for precise linear systems using aluminum T-slot extrusions on the wide variety of their slotted aluminum profile offerings. These are used to design and build belt-driven linear actuators, gantry robots, Cartesian robots, pick & place units, positioning & indexing systems, single and multi-axis automation systems.

Our Sales Region

Item South is the distributor to the Southern region focusing on Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Our team of experienced and educated staff members enables us to assist you in mastering the challenges of the future, while working together with you to build the most efficient solutions.

Our Customers

Item South will always endeavor to provide our customers with functional products and the corresponding product information together with the greatest possible availability – and at great value for their money. Comprehensive service and support, and qualified product and application advice, enhance the products and services we offer.