factory floor

Mechanical & Factory Equipment

Thanks to more than 150 extruded aluminum profile variants and specialized fasteners to suit every need, the MB Building Kit System offers unlimited combination options. Tried-and-tested item technology ensures that components can be reused and extended over many years. Example Applications »

aluminum enclosure

Enclosures & Guard Systems

The system with safety built in. Item provides all the components required to build enclosure and guard systems of the highest technical standard. The results are health and safety solutions that don’t impede working processes, while being quick to assemble and can be repeatedly reconfigured to maximize your lean production goals. Example Applications »

Work Bench Systems

Whether ergonomic standalone work benches, interlinked assembly lines, or partially automated production lines – Item supplies the components required to create efficient and fatigue-free working spaces. The product range of the Building Kit System incorporates solutions for special requirements such as ESD protection and extreme ease of cleaning. Example Applications »

conveyor system

Lean Production

Lean Production solutions from Item deliver the freedom and flexibility that cost-effective manual assembly systems require. Easy to assemble, easy to convert – self-explanatory and functional elements can be configured and reconfigured rapidly to suit changing requirements. Example Applications »

lab environment

Industry Solutions

Pre-configured industry solutions from Item help you find the ideal solution for typical tasks in next to no time. All the components are from the MB Building Kit System and can be combined with customized designs. Item offers industry solutions for the automotive, logistics, pharmaceutical, process automation and research and development sectors. Example Applications »

linear slide

Linear Systems

Efficient linear systems from Item enables users to develop automatic solutions of the highest standards. A number of different drive types can be used, such as high-speed Drive Units or ultra-compact rack drives from Item. The highly accurate linear slides from Item can be used to connect numerous axes into complete handling and positioning systems. Example Applications »