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Flexible and Adjustable Fastening Solutions

Did you know in fact that item has over 320 different profiles and 2,500 plus accessories! item South stocks all of the fastening elements, known for flexibility and adjustability. The new Automatic Angle Brackets and Automatic Flat Brackets are prime examples. All creating a connection as strong as a weld. Watch our video for additional […]

Improve Production Processes and Maximize Cost Efficiency with Lean Production Systems

Good Manufacturing practices dictate always working on “Continuous Process Improvement” CPI, striving to create more efficient and productive work processes. Lean production systems can be the key to creating these efficiencies and process improvements.  

Step Up Operating Efficiencies

In todays manufacturing environment one must always be working on “Continuous Process Improvement” CPI. This means the requirements for manufacturers to create ergonomic work environments for their employees are steadily increasing.  Take a look at  item’s custom workbenches.  

item D30 Lean Production Systems

Thanks to all of you that took time to visit us at the Design & Assembly Concepts booth at the recent AmCon show in Austin, TX. ( item South was invited to participate in the DAC booth because of our close working relationship working together to produce various machine frames, safety guarding, and manufacturing strategies. […]