item D30 Lean Production Systems

item D30 Lean Production Systems

Thanks to all of you that took time to visit us at the Design & Assembly Concepts booth at the recent AmCon show in Austin, TX. ( item South was invited to participate in the DAC booth because of our close working relationship working together to produce various machine frames, safety guarding, and manufacturing strategies. It was a great opportunity to have discussions about manufacturing efficiencies and further introduce item D30 LPS products surrounding Lean Manufacturing Solutions and Processes.

The reshoring trend that started in 2009 is continuing on the wave of extended supply chain issues like cost, delivery time, risk, and poor quality as major drivers. Here in the U.S. we need to ride this wave of reshoring by continuing to look for continuous manufacturing process improvements to keep the cost differential narrowing between offshore and U.S. options.   item D30 LPS lean production systems offer many innovative ideas to help the term “Buy American” really mean something again.

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