Linear Actuators Item KLE

Linear Actuators Item KLE

Do you need a solution for a single or multiple axis linear actuator application?  Does your application require long travel or customized lengths?  Item’s Linear Unit KLE is a simple, custom solution, that you can get in very short delivery time.  Linear Actuators KLE Info

The modular design of the Linear Unit KLE allows Item South to provide custom length actuators from under 25 mm of travel, up to 6 meters of travel and any length in between.  The belt drive design allows for high-speed positioning (up to 10 meters per second) with heavy duty drive elements and a long service life.  Since the actuator is designed using item’s profile grooves, securing and assembling of the KLE to item’s profiles and accessories is simple and straight forward.

Along with the Linear Unit KLE linear actuators, Item South can provide all the components to build a complete solution from single axis to a 3 axis or more.  Synchronizing sets allow connection of two Linear Unit KLE’s via a common drive shaft.  Item South can provide custom motor mounts for mounting your motor to the KLE.  Item South can also provide a complete drive system including servo or stepper motors and drives.

Do  you just need the components to put together your own linear motion solution or you need a complete, multi-axis cartesian solution?  Item South can provide a solution that will help you succeed.

Linear Unit KLE, Linear Actuator

Item KLE Linear Actuator System

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