MB Building Kit System

MB Building Kit System

aluminum extrusions

The modular components that make up the MB Building Kit System are combined in many ways to construct machinery, jigs and complete production lines. The product groups in the catalog group together the various components under their key functions.

Basic Elements

extruded aluminum profilesThe Basic Elements group in the item MB Building Kit System consists of aluminum profiles, fasteners and the corresponding covers. These are the foundations on which the MB Building Kit System is built.

The Accessories for aluminum profiles consist of caps and cover profiles that are used to close off side and facing surfaces and drilled holes.


The components in the fasteners product family guarantee non-positive aluminum profile joints with the highest possible rigidity.

  • aluminum profile jointsClick-Fastening Set 8
  • Automatic-Fastening Set
  • Universal-Fastening Set
  • Standard-Fastening Set
  • Other right-angled connections

Floor Elements

aluminum floor elementsThe Floor Elements group includes adjustable feet for jigs, machines and enclosures, castors for equipment, boxes and other mobile applications, special-purpose components for attaching any constructions to the floor or wall and accessories for attaching knuckle feet and castors to numerous applications.

The key feature to take into account when selecting floor elements is the anticipated dynamic forces. In addition, many floor elements can be used to compensate for irregularities in floor height and gradient.

Fastening Elements

aluminum fastersThe Fastening Elements group consists of screws and T-slot nuts for attaching any components to the aluminum profile groove and a number of system components for attaching panels to profile constructions. These might be a rigid fasteners with Clamp Profiles or Hangers or movable panel fasteners for swinging, sliding or lifting doors, lids, profile frames and roller shutters.

Panel Elements

panel elementsThis product group contains Panel Elements made of various materials. These are suitable for manufacturing machine enclosures, guards enclosures and housings and for constructing work benches. Solid panels are available as either transparent or opaque versions cut-to-size or as mesh panels. A wide selection of special-purpose panels for work bench systems and accessories round off the options available in this group.

Handles and Locks

aluminum handlesThe Handles and Locks group consists of Handles, Grip Systems, Locks, Catches and Door Locks. This group thus compliments the components used to fasten movable panels when building guards and enclosures. Grip systems can, however, also be used to build holding and transport systems.

Dynamic Elements

linear slideThe Dynamic Elements group in the MB Building Kit System consists of components that enable precise linear movements for automation tasks. These, too, are designed to exploit the modular principle found throughout the Building Kit System. The components can be quickly and easily combined due to their modular fitting principle with no machining.

The dynamic elements in the item MB Building Kit System consist of linear guides for a range of loads and different levels of precision: roller guides, recirculating ball-bearing systems and ball-bearing guide bushes. These are all available in different sizes and for each of the different product lines.

Installation Elements

aluminum t slot extrusion The Installation Elements group consists of simple conduits, the highly variable modular conduit system, aluminum profiles with a built-in conduit, electronics boxes and fasteners for cables, hoses and switches. Installation conduits can be individually constructed from Conduit Profiles E with the predefined modular dimensions of the profile design or from Support and Wall Profiles from the modular conduit system.

Auxiliary Elements

work benchThe auxiliary elements group contains many useful aids including our specially authored software which facilitates your design and project planning work with the item Building Kit System and mechanical tools and drilling jigs . In addition, our distributors and partners provide a wide range of services to support customers – from profile machining through to turnkey solutions.

Special Elements

work bench environmentThe Special Elements group contains system components for special-purpose tasks in the construction of industrial production machinery. For example, electrically conductive connections are used to dissipate electrical currents and charges from aluminum profile structures. The hollow spaces inside the aluminum profiles can also be used as pneumatic ducts. For this application, special fastening elements, pneumatic seals and connections are provided. A central aspect of the manufacture of machine enclosures is the ability to add electric interlocks on doors, guards and enclosures of all kinds using security switches and door locks. Material flow issues when interlinking work benches, the design of work benches and their lighting systems and electrical supplies are catered for in the MB Building Kit System using special-purpose system components. In addition, you can locate further accessories for special-purpose applications here.