Work Bench System

Work Bench System

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    The item work bench system for manual production

    Optimum work bench design for manual work benches in industrial and office environments – whatever the task, the work bench system from item has the ideal solution for manual production operations.

    item Work Bench Systems New Products Autumn 2011The work bench system from item makes all aspects of work bench design simple and intuitive. Five pre-configured work bench variants are available, each of which can be easily adapted to meet your own specific requirements. Uprights and overhangs help to transform these infinitely height-adjustable tables into fully fledged assembly workstations or complete work benches. A wide range of ingenious accessories designed to complement production operations help create ESD-safe assembly line work benches with systems for providing and stowing materials and tools.

    Making the workplace more dynamic – the new SystemMobile

     SystemMobiles L, T and UThe perfect addition to our work bench systems: The new SystemMobiles L, T and U really get your production systems moving.

    Work bench design with item – the benefits at a glance:

    • They are infinitely height adjustable and can be adapted to suit the user – a key requirement in ergonomic work bench design.
    • They are fully compatible with the MB Building Kit System that item has been using for over 30 years to design and build fixtures and fittings. All the work benches can be repeatedly extended, integrated into other solutions and re-used. As an investment, their cost-effectiveness is second to none.
    • They can also be enhanced with useful accessories for interlinking work benches and material provision. Tools, power points, compressed air and data lines can all be easily incorporated and made readily accessible to users.

    Plan your work bench system online!

    APS_konfiguratorPlan your work bench system complete with customized handling area.

    multi level workbenchNEW: We have developed the Online Product Configurator for SystemMobiles specifically for our SystemMobiles that optimise provisioning.


    ergonomic work bench systemThe ergonomic work bench system – Comprehensive Catalog (Vers. 2.1)

    Work benches for assembly, maintenance, repair and testing systems. Several basic table variants, a range of working surfaces in various sizes and the right accessories for any application. (35 MB) Download Catalog »

    Ergonomics – the perfect measure of things

    ergonomic comfort zoneAt item, we don’t see ergonomics at the work bench as an end in itself, but rather as the basis for sustainable high productivity and motivation. A working environment that has been designed according to ergonomic principles delivers a whole range of benefits:

    • It protects the physical health of personnel and their capacity to work
    • It reduces error rates by enabling fatigue-free working practices
    • It improves throughput by eliminating unnecessary and uncomfortable movements
    • It lowers costs by speeding up goods flows

    Work bench systems from item satisfy two crucial requirements that have been highlighted by research into ergonomics. Firstly, they can be easily adjusted to suit different users. Because people come in different sizes and some are stronger than others, it is important that reaching distances and seating positions can be adapted to suit a range of physical characteristics. Secondly, different activities demand different types of support from work equipment. Thanks to flexible configuration options, a large number of accessories and ingenious details such as inclinable parts containers, our solutions enable users to create customized systems for the widest range of applications. Whatever your requirements – whether office workstations, mobile workshop carriages or interlinked production islands – work bench systems from item are the perfect solution.

    Height adjustment as standard.

    The longer employees have to sit in the same position, the more important it is that their working surface is at the optimum height. That is why all item work benches are height adjustable. All work bench designs can be alternated between seating and standing positions. Models with electric height-adjustment systems also feature a memory function that enables users to select a specific height at the touch of a button. And the ergonomic Chairs from item take the load off the spine and thighs of users.

    • Overview of new products and Chairs

    ergonomic comfort zonesOptimized handling area.

    Reaching distances are different for everyone. Even small variations can make the difference between an impractical, uncomfortable environment and a work bench that makes the best possible use of the handling area. The individually adjustable uprights, overhangs and Pivot Arms in the item work bench system support fatigue-free working practices. Numerous additional elements also enable users to adjust angles of incline to suit their own specific needs, making it easier for them to access parts containers and grab trays.

    Simple transport

    Lifting and setting down transport containers and workpieces places strain on the muscles. The new item SystemMobiles and efficient work bench interlinking systems vastly improve the flow of goods. Easy-running trolleys and conveyor lines with customised inserts make it easy to keep work benches supplied with all the necessary parts. Certain SystemMobiles even enable users to completely reconfigure parts provision for a work bench in a matter of moments.

    The right light

    Work benches need to be lit differently depending on the task at hand. item supports this customisation process through a wide range of light fittings and lamps that can light up large areas or put individual workpieces firmly in the spotlight. LED light fittings also provide the ideal lighting solution for use in close proximity to machinery – the exceptionally low levels of heat produced help to reduce the risk of injury.

    • Accessories for the handling area, parts provision and lighting

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    ESD equipment for the sophisticated work bench

    lab environment

    ESD stands for ElectroStatic Discharge and describes the processes and effects involved in the equalization of electrical charges between two unevenly charged materials. If such materials come into contact, positive and negative charges are exchanged. Each year in industry, electrostatic discharges cause damage that runs into the millions.

    Full ESD protection for semiconductors

    Due to the breakneck pace of development in microelectronics, semiconductor components are becoming increasingly complex. As a result, measuring devices, production equipment and, of course, electronic workpiece components themselves are becoming ever more sensitive to ESD pulses. Although humans do not have a heightened sensitivity to electrostatic build-up and discharges, it is a completely different story for electronic components. Even just a few hundred volts can cause incalculable damage to these devices, without leaving any visible traces to the casual observer. As a result, comprehensive ESD protection is a crucial requirement for any modern work bench.

    ESD work benches and accessories ensure the working environment is safe.

    item offers the right ESD protection for every aspect of the working environment. We believe that protection against electrostatic discharge begins with the work bench concept itself.

    While Table Mats for ESD work benches ensure that even large parts can be handled safely on the working surface – HPL working surfaces and table tops in ESD-safe designs provide protection over the entire working area. Special Wristbands also help to integrate operators into the ESD circuit.

    Do you have any questions about ESD work benches, table tops or other accessories? We’d be happy to offer help and advice! Simply give us a call, or fill out a callback form – our ESD experts will get back to you as soon as possible

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    Work benches from item – ergonomic and extendible

    workbench environment

    Your own customized work bench configured from our broad, standardized portfolio – fast, flexible, economical and ergonomic. Whether integrated into production lines, as a module for production islands or as a standalone work bench, our new item work bench range will always have the right solution for all your needs!

    All work benches are height adjustable, with electrical systems available if required. The basic configuration (table design and table top) alone offers a range of 80 work bench variants. What’s more, these variants can be combined with uprights, overhangs and a whole range of innovative accessories.

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    Stay flexible: The new item components for interlinking work benches

    Item Interlinking work benchesToday, flexible, cost-effective and ergonomic work benches are more important than ever in the value-added chain. The new item components for equipping and interlinking work benches are both modern and versatile. And a solid investment for the future!

    Transfer work pieces manually from bench to bench on roller conveyors or slide strips, castor balls or brushes. Connecting work benches together couldn’t be easier, and the ease with which functional elements can be changed over maximizes flexibility at all times.

    Extraordinarily flexible – Interlinking work benches with the new item castor rails.

    The modular Castor Rail 8 40×40 is the foundation of a new system solution for interlinking work benches and moving goods. The grooves in item profiles 5 and 8 ensure that the Castor Rails can be easily connected and fastened to standard elements. A wide range of inserts are available, all designed to make the manual transportation of goods and workpiece carriers as gentle and efficient as possible – and each and every element fits into the same universal Castor Rail!

    Inserts range from coloured castors for KanBan identification and Brush Inserts for exceptionally gentle work piece conveying, to Castor Ball Inserts and Slide Strips. The item Castor Rail can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the planner. Complete roller conveyor systems are also available from the warehouse for particularly rapid deployment. And, of course, item has also responded to the call for electrostatically dissipative components – ESD-safe inserts are available and many elements are designed with protection against electrostatic build-up.

    Brushes and castor balls can also be used as inserts for table tops, thus enabling a smooth transition from castor rail to work surface. A railing at the side of the Castor Rail provides additional support and precision – and can be made exceptionally low-friction and dissipative using Slide Strips.

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    Making the workplace more dynamic. The new SystemMobiles.

    item Work Bench Systems New Products Autumn 2011The best organisers are extremely flexible. Exactly like the new item SystemMobiles. These new products combine a lightweight solution with exceptional carrying capacity and an optimised chassis. They are the ideal solution for getting materials and workpieces where they are needed fast. The customisable design principles of these transport trolleys mean they can be adapted to all working processes, thereby helping to improve the speed and flexibility of production systems.

    Their outstanding versatility and a wide range of frame sizes and heights make SystemMobiles L, T and U the perfect partners for all transport tasks. The three design variants have been developed to provide the optimum solution for a range of different applications.

    workbenchh catalogOnline Product Configurator for SystemMobiles

    The new item SystemMobiles L, T and U provide a versatile means of moving materials and optimising material picking. Three design variants – one goal: The new SystemMobiles L, T and U from item make your production systems more efficient, more versatile and faster!


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